Below, you will find exercises to help your mindset before, during or after games. 

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Balanced Breathing 

Breathing is primal and paramount to life. It’s the bridge between the mind & body, the gateway between consciousness and unconscious.

Breathing has a direct and intimate connection to our emotional state and moods. Take a look at someone who is angry, afraid, or upset and you’ll see a pattern of breathing that is shallow, rapid, and irregular. Conversely, think about how you breath when you are happy, calm, and contented. In fact, it’s almost impossible to be upset if your breathing is slow, deep gentle and regular.

Simply put by breathing for an in breath of approximately 6 seconds and an outbreath of exactly the same duration, this leads to coherence and balance of your Autonomic Nervous System.  It all starts through conscious control of breathing, this leads to the heart coming into resonance with the calm balanced breathing and the communication then spreads to the gut and the head brains all coming together into a calm, balance resonance with the heart. 

Such a simple process, yet so powerful, now you can see why breathing is linked to thoughts and emotions.

Important:  to note the importance of having a balance between the in breath and the out-breath. If 6 inbreaths is too much for you drop to 4 or 5 and match it with your out breath

Author: Rhonda Kauiers - NLP Practitioner / Holistic Coach