Breathe Basketball Mega Camp

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Breathe Basketball has run two successive camps in 2023 and 2024 filled with over 100 campers in both years. 

We very much look forward to arranging another Mega Camp for 2025, hopefully in Geraldton, as we continue the growing relationship around our amazing and supportive community.

Watch this space, as all the information you will need regarding the camp will be posted on this page, along with a link to register your child to participate this unique camp and opportunity!


The Breathe Basketball Mega Camp aims to encourage all players, no matter where in their journey, to come and learn how to be better basketball players whilst being in a Team environment. 

The camp is designed for all participants to enjoy the game of basketball to the best of their ability and with equal opportunity for all involved. There will be skills challenges with prizes, stationed drills ran by a specific coach and shooting contests. 

All campers will be apart of a Team with their own coach. Teams will be made by the end of the first day and players will be informed at the start of the second day. From there, campers will warm up, train and compete with their team for the remainder of camp. Teams will be competing for final positions on the ladder including a Grand Final for the top two teams in each age bracket! 

What your child needs to bring:

  • A water bottle
  • Recess and Lunch
  • Any medical items required (asthma inhaler, etc)

Benefits from the camp:

Campers, by the end of the last day, will receive the following:

  • A complementary Breathe Basketball T-Shirt
  • Multiple chances to win a variety of prizes during our skills competitions
  • An evaluation sheet filled out by their team coach with strengths and improvements
  • A better understanding of how to play the game of basketball


We are very lucky to have coaches from the playing group of the Geraldton Buccaneers along with some of the most talented young players in Geraldton who represent Western Australia and also experienced coaches who represent teams from Geraldton down in Perth! 

Instagram: breathebasketballonline

Facebook: Breathe Basketball Online 

Grand Final/Presentation Schedule:

Our full camp schedule will be posted near the doors of the stadium for all who would like to attend the final games and/or presentations. 

Any parent who would like to stick around for the day or pop in and out is always welcome! 

For any further details, please contact us via email or either of our social media platforms. 


Future School Holiday Camps

Breathe Basketball will release information about future school holiday camps here. Check back soon for more details.